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Lake House Logic

Summer vacations by a tranquil lake are a dream many of us enjoy for just a week at a time.  If you’ve considered making a lakeside home a permanent reality, look before you leap.  Read More

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Tomato Heaven in Montco

You say tomato, I say tom-aaaah-to.  That’s because living in Montgomery County puts you close to what can only be described as tomato heaven on earth.  We’re talking about Rainbow Tomatoes Garden, an amazing farm shop offering 320 different kinds … Read More

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Suburban Myths Debunked

Is life better in the ‘burbs? We think so. But many city dwellers believe myths about suburban vs. urban lifestyles, buying into the notion that the suburbs are a place of distant neighbors, non-existent nightlife and cultural voids. Read More

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Pamper Your Porch

Relaxing on a cozy, beautiful porch is one of the simple joys of summer. If you’d like to go beyond the usual potted plants and hanging baskets, take a look at these 35 Ways to Decorate Your Front Porch or Entryway from DIY Network.  Read More

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Don’t Write That Letter!

Home buyers often try to win a bidding war by writing a heartfelt letter to the seller, painting a picture of who they are and how they’ll cherish the home. Read More

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Farm Fresh in Montco

There’s nothing better than August corn from local fields, plump home-grown tomatoes, juicy fruits and berries, just-picked veggies and colorful flowers fashioned into summer bouquets. Read More

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Multigenerational Homes are Trending

An old idea is now new again, thanks to COVID. It’s the concept of multiple generations of a family all living under one roof. Read More

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Wallpaper is In Again

Yes, wallpaper is back. And it’s back in a big, bold, can’t-be-missed, sometimes-jarring, sometimes awe-inspiring, way Read More

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How to Win a Bidding War

The stories of amped-up buyers engaging in bidding wars are everywhere. It’s enough to make some house hunters give up on buying the home of their dreams – or any home at all. Read More

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Don’t Have a Pool? Rent One!

If you’re dreaming of your own, in-ground pool but don’t want to make the investment, here’s good news. You can rent someone else’s pool, by the hour! Read More

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"I worked with Donna Brun for the past year to sell my home in Cold Point Manor. The real estate market has not be optimal for sellers. I have to share it was a pleasure to work with Donna. Her commitment and honesty were important to me. She cares about the work she does each day which I find so valuable and refreshing in business today. I would highly recommend Donna Brun to help you with your real estate needs." - Scott Passman

Scott Passman


Lake House Logic Read More


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Suburban Myths Debunked Read More


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