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Is a Floating Home for You?

If you’ve ever dreamed of a home by the water, you might be interested in taking that dream to the next level with a home on the water. We’re talking about a floating home – a home that is built on a floating foundation. Read More

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Painted Ceilings Add Drama

Ceilings once painted plain white are getting a facelift, as homeowners discover the possibilities for adding color up top.  Doing so can add drama and sophistication, while solving the problem of rooms where there is no distinct line between the walls and ceiling. Read More

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Reinventing the Love Letter

Love letters to home sellers were once a popular strategy for buyers trying to gain an edge in a bidding war. The idea was to let the seller know all the ways a prospective buyer would “love” the home, including such things as raising a family in the home or caring for a prized garden. Read More

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HOA Pros and Cons

Buying a home that is part of a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) might be perfect for some buyers – but not so great for others. Read More

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Montco Live Music

Warm weather season means the start of another hot Montgomery County event. It’s the live music concert series at the Green Lane Park Amphitheater. Read More

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Appraisal Gap Strategies

In today’s housing market, homes often sell for more than their appraised value. When this occurs an “appraisal gap”  often results, creating mortgage issues for the buyers. Read More

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Plant Picking 101

Spring is here – and that means gardeners of all abilities are visiting nurseries and garden centers to select their plants. But picking the perfect flower, veggie, bush, tree or herb is not always a simple task.  Read More

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Out with Oil

If you cringe every time you hear your oil furnace or boiler kick on, you’re not alone. With oil prices surging, many homeowners are wondering if switching to an electric system makes sense Read More

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Trout Fishing at Home

If you love to fish, but hate waiting for fishing season to start, this home may be perfect for you. Read More

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Got Storage?

The current housing shortage is creating a boom in the need for storage. If you’re bursting at the household seams but can’t find a bigger home right now, a self-storage option may be the solution.  Read More

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We found great comfort in the communication from your team, especially once we moved across the country. The weekly status reports that included feedback from the showing agent were very helpful. Search for a home today

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Is a Floating Home for You? Read More


Painted Ceilings Add Drama Read More


Reinventing the Love Letter Read More


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